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Distressed, Stained, & Glazed Finish Work/Styles:
We take great pride in our cabinetry. To ensure that our products remain at the quality level we desire, we provide the option of Pre-finished cabinets. That way,  when our cabinets go out the shop door, we don't have to worry about them getting taken apart at the job site, to be finished. The finish work will already be done, by the time the cabinets are leaving the shop to be installed. That's one less step our customers have to worry about. We have had professional training and take great pride in putting on the final touches to our cabinetry.

There are many options and styles when it comes to finishing cabinets. Here are just some listed below:

Casual Cabinet Door
 Alder Flat Panel Door & Drawer, With
Applied Molding:
Medium Distress/Stained & Glazed
Old World Cabinet Door
Cherry/Flat Panel Door & Drawer, With Mitered Corners: Stained/Painted/Rub-thru
Traditional Cabinet  Door
Hard Maple Raised Panel Door & Drawer, With
Applied Molding:
Medium Distress/Painted & Glazed With Rub-Thru Effect
Contemporary Cabinet Door
Zebra Wood Vaneer on MDF Door:
Polyurethane Clear Coat
Hard Maple Door With Square Raised Panel Door: Heavy Distress /Stained/
Painted & Glazed


Glazed Cabinet Door
 All Finishing Products: Paint/Stain/Glaze